All figures are updated for the 2017-18 season as of the posts date.

figure 1

Top right - create their own shots and scores a lot.

Bottom right - High scoring mostly from assisted FGM.

Upper left - Not much scoring but create their own shots.

Bottom left - Not much scoring and also need others to create for them.

This figure is the same basic idea as the first but with effective field goal % displayed in color.

figure 2

Can't see much correlation between the EFG and the % of unassisted shots. Let's plot this more closely to see if there is any correlation:

Note that for the next two figures the % unassisted FGM is now the x-axis.

figure 3

Can't see any noticeable correlation.

How about teams?

figure 4

Here it seems like there is a trend. Assists count for something.

Let me know what you think

Thank you Tomer Tal for usefull comments.

I'll be happy to share my code upon request.


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